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Previous performances and Events

Gerontius poster4.jpg
Summer concert 2023.jpg
Mys spirit sang all day.jpg
Crucifixus new date.jpg
Messiah poster1.jpg
Dvorak concert 2019.jpg
2017 Summer concert B.jpg
Singing Day 2016 2 r.jpg
Xmas Concert 2015 r.jpg
Spring concert 2015.jpg
Christmas 20231.jpg
Dvorak concert 2023.jpg
Come and Sing 2022.jpg
Xmas concert 2021.jpg
Cantiones June 21.JPG
Xmas Concert 2018 rr.jpg
2018 Spring Concert r.jpg
2017 Spring Concert r.jpg
2016 Summer concert b r.jpg
October 2015.jpg
Xmas Concert 2014 2 r.jpg
The Kings Musick r.jpg
Christmas 2022 r.jpg
The Creation.jpg
Remembrance & Hope r.jpg
Summer 2019.jpg
Concert programme cover.jpg
Xmas Concert 2017 r2.jpg
Xmas Concert 2016.jpg
Spring Concert 2016 b r.jpg
2015 Summer concert programme.jpg
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